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Puppy Pride

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This weekend was the Pride parade in Chicago. We live pretty much adjacent to the most fabulous part of town, so of course went down to check out the festivities. We decided to take the pup down and observe from a slight distance. I came away with a deeper understanding that no matter race, nor gender, nor sexual preference, everybody loves a corgi.

Moriarty kissing Gazpacho. Gazpacho is a boy, but we're okay with that.

Pretty sure he likes the attention.

He is pretty hugable. It's true.


I'm not saying we have the cutest dog in the city, but I'm not saying we don't.

Chipotle float was by far the most modest.


The Genesis of Moriarty

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First day home, lots of sleeping and being confused.

So this is our dog. His name is Moriarty. We named him after Dean Moriarty from Jack Kerouac’s On The Road because we knew he would be an energetic, mischievous, manipulative so and so. Corgis are like this some by nature, and our breeder described him as particularly ornery. The Wife liked him the best regardless and it was to be. Which brings me to the topic of breeders. It seems that recently, people have some disdain for getting a dog from a breeder. Obviously, if you got your dog from a pet store you are still a complete monster, but now getting a dog from a breeder seems to be looked down on by some, especially in our neighborhood. We observe this as we take Arty out for walks and people often, more often than I would think, ask where we got him from.  We say we got him from a breeder in Indiana and about 50% of the time, people tend to give a slight nod or look of disapproval, then introduce us to their wonderful rescue. “We think he is part corgi!” they often gush.  Now, let me state that I have nothing against rescue services. I think that for the most part they are doing a fantastic service. I just don’t think they are for everyone.  In our case, we had a size limitation, we wanted a dog that would be compatible with our lifestyle and we wanted to raise a dog from puppyhood.  For these reasons, a breeder was the obvious way to go. After carefully selecting a breed, we diligently researched breeders in our area, had extensive phone communication with the chosen breeder, made the four-hour drive to middle-of-nowhere Indiana to visit the pups when they were just four weeks old, then returned a month later to take him home.  I would venture to say that if prospective dog owners went through the process we did, there would be less dogs in shelters. Not every dog is right for everyone, and I think a lot of the time you are taking a gamble by getting a rescue, not knowing exactly what it’s personality or temperament may be beyond what the shelter says. This is why those same dogs often end up back in the shelter. Reading over this to myself, it comes off as somewhat self righteous and preachy, but it’s not intended to be. Rescues are great for some people, especially those with experience raising dogs. For first time pet owners, like ourselves, I truly believe the breeder route was the more responsible way to go. I don’t even hold resentment towards the rescue foster pitbull that bit two holes through our dog’s ear on the corner. I just wish that it didn’t seem like we have to defend our decision to peeps on the street.  Anyway, that post seemed pretty heavy, so here are some adorable puppy pics to lighten the mood.

Caught mid crazy dashing around session

Corgi butt

A puppy is not a practice baby.

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Sure we have plans for kids, somewhere down the line. But we knew as soon as we found a place, a puppy was a top priority. After finding out our condo’s dog weight limit, realizing our ideal dog (English bulldog) is basically a chronically ill creature that would never exist naturally–they can’t even conceive or give birth without human assistance.  We did a bunch of those online dog matching surveys and came up with mostly things we didn’t think were cute, and a corgi, a dog neither of us really ever knew about. Turns out they are the most awesome dogs in the world, as evident by the internet’s recent obsession with them.  So after much negotiation and heartache, we found a good breeder in the middle-of-nowhere, Indiana and anxiously awaited the day our dude was old enough to take home. Maybe I will gush more about this later, but the point of this post is how many people have made mention of how dogs are like practice babies. This is a very popular thing to tell newlyweds who have just acquired a puppy apparently. It is not the case, and I am here to lay out the similarities and differences between the two.

Things puppies and babies have in common:

*Cute, mostly.

*Lots of pee and poop. Lots.

*Demanding of your attention at all times.


*You will lose a lot of sleep

Things puppies and babies do not have in common:

*Puppies enjoy being shaken up a little bit. On the other hand, Never. Shake. A. Baby!!!

*Baby food is free for the first several months.

*Babies have an attached receptacle  to catch aforementioned pee and poop. Puppies don’t.

*When people stop on the street to admire or tickle your baby, you don’t have to worry about baby peeing on them or biting their gloves.

*Biting. As far as I am aware, babies aren’t born with a mouth full of tiny razorblades.

All told, yes, both are cute and cuddly, but I don’t consider our dog to be practice for a human freaking being that I am responsible for it’s entire life. You screw up with a puppy, maybe it turns out to be a growler. You screw up with a baby, maybe it ends up being the house slut on MTV’s Real World, or worse.


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